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The Fresh Air Challenge - Te Wero Hauhau is about making positive changes to how we travel, in particular to work and school.

The Challenge is to reduce our reliance on car travel. The benefits of making an active travel choice are improvements in our health and wellbeing, our finances and environmental footprint along with positive flow-on effects for our whānau, communities, schools and workplaces.

The Challenge focuses on encouraging active and sustainable travel, such as walking, biking, riding a scooter, taking the bus and ride sharing. For workplaces, it also captures and rewards efforts made to reduce car trips such as choosing to work from home or holding virtual meetings.

Individuals trips are logged on the website, and then added to the workplace or school total. At the end of the month, winners of the school and workplace challenge are announced with lots of great rewards and prizes to be won.

Let’s Go want to make active and sustainable travel achievable for everyone. We recognise the challenges people have with commitments outside of work and family, however changing just one car journey each week to an active or sustainable travel trip can make a difference.

If you are a school or a workplace and want to get involved, please contact

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All trips logged before October will be zeroed when the competition begins. In the meantime feel free to familiarize yourself with the Challenge, log some trips and share with your colleagues and friends.

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Get a work team together and join the Let’s Go Fresh Air Challenge in October.

Leave the car at home during the month and choose active and sustainable travel: walk, bike, e-bike, bus, e-scooter or ride-share, hold a virtual meeting, or save a journey and work from home! You can count any work commutes you do during the week or on the weekend.

Just log each trip on the Fresh Air Challenge website. Your trips will be added to your workplace and you’ll see on the Fresh Air Challenge leaderboard how you’re tracking against other workplaces of similar size. Improve your health, well-being and environmental footprint and get in some friendly workplace competition!

As part of the Challenge you will:

  • Compete against other workplaces.
  • Set up an internal competition with teams – you’ll receive a goody bag of prizes to help reward those people who are participating. (larger workplaces)
  • Foster great team-building
  • Contribute to your workplace health and well-being goals.

As much as we think exercise is important, the Fresh-Air Challenge is a commuting challenge to help change our behaviours around car use. We want to develop a culture of commuting based on active travel and sustainable options, so unfortunately a bike ride around the mountain or a walk around the block for exercise does not count for this event.

Categories this year are:

  • Start-ups and Small (2 – 10 people)
  • Medium (11 – 30)
  • Large (31 +79)
  • Extra (80+)

Workplaces register with Let’s Go here

For more information contact

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The Fresh Air Challenge for schools and kura runs for two weeks from Monday 19th to Friday 30th October. Schools in the New Plymouth District compete against each other to take out the overall Fresh Air Challenge trophy, as well as competing for particular categories such as;

  • Movers and Shakers award: Most Improved School
  • Golden Foot award: Most Walking
  • Wicked Wheels award: Most Riding, Scootering and Skating
  • Clean Air Award: Most Sustainable Transport

Schools also run internal competitions, where the classes/groups who together record the most active trips at the end of the Challenge are rewarded with a pizza lunch.

School staff can also register to participate this year, and compete against other school staff teams to win a morning tea, by logging the most trips (averaged against their staff size).

Schools can contact the Let’s Go team ( to register.

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The Fresh Air Challenge for workplaces is designed to incorporate travel in both your work and home life. It is not about exercise (although important!), but about making exercise part of our commutes, by replacing car travel with an active or sustainable option. There are many options such as walking, riding (bike or e-bike, we are not fussy), bussing, scootering (‘old school’ or electric), ridesharing, and video conferencing.

This challenge is based on honesty. We have chosen this for our challenge as it promotes openness, empowers us and enables us to be consistent in how we present the facts in our goal of active and sustainable travel.

Basically if it replaces a car trip, you can count it!

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Walk – This is an easy one… leave the car at home and walk to your destination. There are lots of great benefits to walking, check this page out for some inspiration: You could walk to/from; work, your next meeting, home, to a friend’s house, to the shops. To get yourself started, think of an easy walk you could start with.

Bike/E-Bike If you have a bit further to travel or want to get there a bit faster, then maybe biking is for you. Whether you are a biker or e-biker – doesn’t matter to us. The fact you are on two wheels is what counts! If you are new to biking and would like some advice , contact us at

Bus – Do you go the same way every day? Why not try the bus? It’s not only relaxing, but gives you free time, eliminates parking stress and costs a lot less than driving. It also means less cars on the road and less carbon being emitted. The Taranaki Regional Council have set up a journey planner and information about the bus service is here

Rideshare – For The Challenge means, sharing a car with others (generally not within your family) and removes at least one or more cars from the road. A great option if you live out of the centre of town or know someone on the same road as you that travels a similar route. Why not suggest a ‘rideshare’ one day a week? Sharing a car is social, helps strengthen the resilience of your community by ‘sharing the load’, and saves you money.

Scooter – E-Scooters are becoming very popular nationally. They reduce traffic congestion, run on electricity and are easy to ride so why would you not want to give one a go? Check out Blip Scooters who provide a shared rental scheme in new Plymouth.

Virtual meetings and work from home – Zoom, skype, Gotomeeting, workplace by Facebook or Highfive to name a few of the options available for those wanting to give this a go. Many workplaces use this form of online video conferencing to talk to others not just locally, but all around the world. If you have a local or regional meeting, why not try and replace it with a video conference?

How we calculate CO2 saved

A vehicle's carbon emissions rating is obtained from its fuel economy rating. This rating is then converted to take into account the type of fuel that the vehicle uses, eg. petrol, diesel.

Here is the conversion equation for the Fresh Air Challenge.

Petrol (premium) - L/100 km x 23.414 = CO2 grams/km

L/100 km: Litres per hundred kilometres travelled;

CO2 grams/km: Grams of carbon dioxide emitted per kilometre travelled

Why carbon emissions are important

Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a greenhouse gas and a major contributor to climate change. Combustion of fuel in your vehicle's engine emits this gas. The amount of gas emitted is dependent on the amount of fuel used, so the more fuel efficient your vehicle is, the less carbon dioxide it will produce. For further information visit:

For any further support and questions please contact the Let’s Go team

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blog image 03 November 2020

The Fresh Air Challenge for workplaces has now ended.

Thank you to all of our workplaces and participants for taking part.  We are auditing the trips logged and will have results and final winners sent out Tuesday 10th November.  Keep making it active.